Request main page

You will find on this page some help about what you can do with your projects and your samples.

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You can send a mail to the administrators :

Create a new request
This page allows you to give all necessary information about your project.

List of your requests
You will find here all the request you have created, when they have been updated and in which state they are.

Find samples
This page displays a list of all your samples. You can apply different filters to shorten the list and find specific samples. You can use regular expressions in the filters. If you want to have more information about regular expressions, here is a good tutorial: RegexOne.

Request states
Here are the different states in which your request can be :

Your request has just been created and is not submitted yet.
Your request has been submitted and is waiting for the platform's decision: accepted or rejected.
The request has been administratively validated.
In Progress
The project is being carried on.
The sequencing is finished and your data are available.
Your project has been suspended for a reason that will always be given. You may submit it again.

An email notification will always be sent when the request state is changed.

Sample states
Here are the different states in which your samples can be :

New You just created the sample.
Arrived We received the sample.
Complete Your data are now available.
Other If no state match the current situation of your sample. Comments will always be provided to inform you accurately.

You can specify in the request creation form for which state the system should send a notification.