General information

You will find help frames on some pages of the website. They are indicated with specific icons: Help Icon. They should help you with what needs to be done on a particular page, and will show you your progression in the submission process.


Your project has an ID that is used by us. It is unique, and allows your data to be anonymous. As the projects created by our clients may not all be accepted, we wait before giving them a definitive ID. That is why, when you create your project, the ID field is set as "Not assigned". It changes into a definitive ID as soon as the project is in the "Accepted" state.

The field "Description" is here to ease the project management for you. Instead of using our ID, you can use a name of your own, which better describes the nature of your project. When talking with us, please refer to your project and samples with their ID.

The same goes for your samples, which have an ID and a "Name" field.

More details on requests


The request is your main interaction object. It is your project. You have to create and then submit it, so we can accept it. A request contains several information, most of them are provided by you upon creation. The rest of those information consist mainly in the samples associated to it.


Your request can be in the following states (the list is not numbered, because progression is not necessarily linear):


Prices displayed on the request creation page, and the total price computed upon submission come from our catalogue. They are given for information purpose. The definitive price is fixed when we accept your project.

More details on samples

Number of samples

You have to provide the number of samples you want to sequence before submitting your request. However, you may want to send us more samples for a validation purpose than the number you want to sequence. If it is the case, you can add more samples to the request than the number you provided in the "Number of samples" field of the request creation page.

The template field

The template field is here to ease the form filling when you have lots of samples. It prevents you from the tedious task of writing each information into every field manually. You can use the information you already stored (in spreadsheets, for instance) and simply copy/paste those information into the template field.

The pasted text must be in csv-like format. Reminder:

Besides those rules, here are a few more constraints specific to our LIMS:

I have more questions, who should I talk to ?

For questions regarding the web site, your data:

For questions about the lab part of the sequencing:

For questions about the analysis of your samples: